Israeli Elections Offer You a Way to Heaven

Revered spiritual leader of Shas party promises a place heaven for Shas voters on day of elections. (photo credit:KIKAR HASHABBAT)

Yes, this is election night in Israel where not only the ruling party is elected but where you can also pick up a key guaranteed to open the gates of heaven to you. Don’t have good deeds? Missed Yom Kippur? Didn’t repent? Robbed a bank?  Forget it, this is what you need tonight.  Just vote Shas and get your free key card that will open the gates of heaven for one night only!

The spiritual leader of Shas (the larger of the Orthodox parties) claims to have received a message from beyond the grave from the former spiritual head of Shas, the revered Rabbi Ovadia Yossef who he claims says, “I won’t forgive you in this world or the world to come if you don’t vote Shas”.

Way to go Yossi !!

So my Israeli brethren in exile, if you can still make it down pronto to your nearest Embassy and vote Shas in the next hour (get a receipt) you’ve got it made! A key card to heaven will be coming your way by second class post.

Benny Hinn eat your heart out…  how come you couldn’t think of this!
Don’t even have to send any money!


Your Key to heaven… but only if you vote Shas!


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